Equipment Clearance

Need some extra equipment for your Group or Unit? Over the years the District has collated a wide range of camping equipment, however some is now surplus and no longer required.

The list below are items that are looking for a new home somewhere in the District rather than at a landfill site. It is a first-come basis, so things may have already gone, however feel free to contact the Quartermaster ( to check. Everything is free of charge, however you will be responsible for collecting any items.  


1 x Twin loo tent

1 x Single loo tent

1 x Ex-WD 150lb 14ft square Patrol tent - with flysheet and poles

3 x Ex-WD 150lb 14ft square Patrol tent - and poles

1 x Lichfield Challenger5 tent complete

1 x Lichfield Frame tent - picture below

1 x Ridge tent 6ft x 6ft x 6ft

1 x Double handed saw 6ft long

5 x Folding wooden Tables approx 6ft x 2ft

7 x Folding wooden benches aprox 6ft

13 x Double bladed canoe paddles

5 x Single blade paddles

1 x Portable gas fire with bottle (empty)

Lichfield Frame Tent