Explorer Scouts

About Explorer Scouts

What are Explorer Scouts?

Explorer Scouts are young people, usually aged between 14 and 18 years old. They make up the fourth Section of the Scouting family. Here young members may either start their Scouting experience or continue with it by adding to their experiences of fun and adventure. There are a number of Explorer Units within the Bexley District, some of which are attached to groups and some are standalone units. It is the intentions that these units are run by the members with guidance from adult leaders therefore Explorers have the opportunity to plan their own programmes, activities, events and camps. There is also a Young Leaders Unit and a unit that concentrates on the Duke of Edinburgh’s award. (See information below)


What do Explorer Scouts' do?

The Explorer Scout’s programme offers a balanced range of activities covering the outdoors; skills; physical recreation; community service; environment; international; values and relationships. Explorers have fun and extend the areas of responsibility that they are involved with. As well as these opportunities there is also the option of becoming a Young Leader (See information below)

To support the programme there are a range of badges and awards for the Explorer Scout these include:


Motor Sports Activity Badge Activity Badges

These are badges that can be gain for reaching a required standard in a particular field; there are 30 different badges available for Explorer Scout. These badges cover all sorts or activities including: air activities; community; creative; emergency aid; lifesaver; mountain activities; recreation; science & technology; scouting skills; nautical skills; and water activities. Follow this link for details Activity Badges


Staged Activity Badges

These badges can be gained by any member throughouNights Away Staged Activity Badge t the sections, when they meet the level appropriate for that stage. There are 6 staged activity badges, they are shown here:- Staged Activity Badges

Participation Awards

These are numbered badges that demonstrate your years of commitment to Scouting; if you have come through the sections from Beaver Scouts to Explorers you will already have received a number of these badges. You will receive a participation badge for each year you spend as a  Scout from Beavers onwards.


Partnership Awards

To gain a partnership award you must work with another Section, or anotherInternational Partnership Award youth group or organisation, on a project which fits the criteria. Partnership awards are available in 3 areas, they are:

For details follow this link Partnership awards


Chief Scout’s Awards

Chief Scout's Diamond AwardThere are two levels of award Chief Scout's Platinum Awardavailable to members of the Explorer Scout Section: These are  the Chief Scout Platinum Award, which is the next stage up from the Chief Scout Gold Award available to Scouts and the Chief Scout Diamond Award, which is the highest of the Chief Scouts Awards and the last step before the Queen’s Scout Award. Details can be found here Chief Scouts award





Queen’s Scout Award

The Queen’s Scout Award is the top award in Scouting, it is available to members of the Explorer Scout and Scout Network Sections aged from 16 to 25. This award is designed to allow members to demonstrate all the skill and achievements they have developed through Scouting. Explorers working towards the Queens Scout award my also work towards the Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold award details of both awards may be found here:Queen’s Scout  and Duke of Edinburgh’s




Explorer Belt

The Explorer Belt is open to Explorer Scouts aged 16 and over and members of the Scout Network. Members take part in a ten-day expedition designed to allow those who take part to learn about a different country, the people who live there and their culture. Details are found here Explorer Belt



Young Leaders

Once registered as an Explorer, either in an Explorer Unit or a Young Awards available for Young LeadersLeaders Unit, you are eligible to take part in the Young Leader Scheme. As a Young Leader you may work with one of the younger Sections contributing to and helping with the running and planning of the section. To be a Young Leader you need to be registered as a Young Leader and undertake Young Leader training. The Young Leaders' Scheme helps Explorer Scouts to develop and grow as individuals. It allows them to make a valuable contribution to their community and give service to others. The scheme also helps them fulfill the service elements of their other awards. Details can be found here Young Leaders


Joining In

Whilst the majority of Explorers have previously been engaged in Scouting this is not a requirement to joining Explorers therefore if you are new to Scouting and looking to join for the first time, or just want more information, then send us an email at info@bexleyscouts.org.uk with your details, or your young persons, and we will be in touch.

Adult volunteers are always welcome in Scouting and if you would like to join us again send us an email and we will be in touch. All adults are fully vetted and have CRB clearance before being allowed to work with the younger members. Experience is not necessary as there are various training programmes for adults and we cannot all tie knots but have a wealth of experiences that can be used for the benefit of Scouting. So be you young or not so young why not come along and join n the experience.




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